IWOMP 2022

University of Tennessee

IWOMP 2022 Program

IWOMP 2022 was held in Chattanooga, TN, United States, at the University of Tennessee. Travel and Venue information.

Registration options includes single-event passes for IWOMP and OpenMP tutorials as well as all-week passes that also included EuroMPI/USA. All passes were available for either on-site, in-person attendance, or online-only attendance.

The main IWOMP workshop was held on September 27th-30th, 2022. All times EDT.

Proceedings: Access the Proceedings

Tuesday 27th September

Start Time Presentation
12:00pm Lunch – 90 mins
OpenMP Tutorial I
1:30pm Utilizing LLVM/OpenMP to the Fullest: Tips & Tricks for
Application Developers

Johannes Doerfert
3:00pm Break – 30 mins
3:30pm OpenMP Tutorial 1 continues
5:00pm End of Day

Wednesday 28th September

Start Time Presentation
OpenMP Tutorial II
9:00am Partitioned Communication
Presenter: tbd
10:00am BREAK – 30 mins
10:30am OpenMP Tutorial II continues
12:00pm Lunch – 90 mins
Opening Session
1:30pm Introduction and Welcome
Bronis R. de Supinski
Invited Talk I
2:00pm OpenMP and MPI at Exascale – Early Experiences on Frontier
Al Geist
3:00pm Break – 30 mins
Paper Session: OpenMP and Multiple Nodes (Chair: Vivek Kale)
3:30pm Enhancing MPI+OpenMP Task based Applications for Heterogenous Architectures with GPU support
Manuel Ferat, Romain Pereira, Adrien Roussel, Patrick Carribault, Luiz-Angelo Steffenel and Thierry Gautier
4:00pm Towards Efficient Remote OpenMP Offloading
Wenbin Lu, Baodi Shan, Eric Raut, Jie Meng, Mauricio Araya-Polo, Johannes Doerfert, Abid M. Malik and Barbara Chapman
4:30pm End of Day

Thursday 29th September

Start Time Presentation
Paper Session: Exploring New and Recent OpenMP Extensions (Chair: Deepak Eachempati)
9:00am Characterizing the Performance of Task Reductions in OpenMP 5.X Implementations
Jan Ciesko and Stephen Olivier
9:30am Using Off-the-Shelf Hardware Transactional Memory to Implement Speculative While in OpenMP
Juan Salamanca and Alexandro Baldassin
10:00am Break – 30 mins
Paper Session: Effective Use of Advanced Heterogenous Node Architectures
10:30am Towards Automatic OpenMP-Aware Utilization of Fast GPU Memory
Delaram Talaashrafi, Marc Moreno Maza and Johannes Doerfert
11:00am Feasibility Studies in Multi-GPU Target Offloading
Anton Rydahl, Mathias Gammelmark and Sven Karlsson
11:30am Reducing OpenMP to FPGA Round-trip Times with Predictive Modelling
Julian Brandner, Florian Mayer and Michael Philippsen
12:00pm Lunch
Vendor Session I
1:30pm Intel
Xinmin Tian
2:15pm AMD
Gregory Rodgers
3:00pm Break – 30 mins
Paper Session: OpenMP Tool Support (Chair: Sara Royuela)
3:30pm Improving Tool Support for Nested Parallel Regions with Introspection Consistency
Vladimir Indic and John Mellor-Crummey
4:00pm On the migration of OpenACC-based applications into OpenMP 5+
Harald Servat, Giacomo Rossi, Alejandro Duran and Ravi Narayanaswamy
4:30pm End of Day

Friday 30th September

Start Time Presentation
Invited Talk II (Chair: Harald Servat)
9:00am Critical real-time systems: A new horizon for OpenMP
Sara Royuela
10:00am Break – 30 mins
Vendor Session II
10:30am Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Deepak Eachempati
11:15am clang/LLVM community
Johannes Doerfert
12:00pm Lunch
Paper Session: OpenMP and Multiple Translation Units
1:30pm Just-in-Time Compilation and Link Time Optimization for OpenMP Target Offloading
Shilei Tian, Joseph Huber, John Tramm, Barbara Chapman and Johannes Doerfert
2:00pm Extending OpenMP to Support Automated Function Specialization Across Translation Units
Giorgis Georgakoudis, Thomas Scogland, Chunhua Liao and Bronis de Supinski
Closing session
2:30pm Best Paper Award and Concluding Remarks
Bronis R. de Supinski