IWOMP 2021 – Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic IWOMP 2021 was completely virtual. All the sessions were presented live. The start times for each session are shown in US Pacific Standard Time (PST) and European Central Time (CET). All speakers and delegates were required to Register to attend. Instructions for joining the online sessions were included in the booking confirmation. In the details below, Speakers are marked in Bold.

Best Paper Award

  • A Case Study of LLVM-Based Analysis for Optimizing SIMD Code Generation
  • Authors: Joseph Huber, Weile Wei, Giorgis Georgakoudis, Johannes Doerfert and Oscar Hernandez

Which was the highest ranked paper by the reviewers.


Monday 13 September  | OpenMPCon

Tuesday 14 September

Start Time Presentation

Productivity, performance and portability: towards cross-domain DSL compiler architecture

Prof. Paul Kelly, Imperial College London

Domain-specific languages enable us to automate generation of high-performance code from a high-level abstraction. This talk will show, through a couple of example projects (Firedrake and Devito) that DSLs can deliver productivity, performance, and performance-portability. The key to success is compiler architecture – designing intermediate representations that making optimisations easy and analysis trivial. But the DSL software ecosystem is dysfunctional: DSL compilers (including ours) are typically standalone projects, reliant on support from a narrow developer base. Few, if any, components are shared between DSLs. The talk will conclude with a manifesto for fixing this – building on MLIR to establish community support for code generation tools that underpin multiple front-end DSLs. I will argue that this is in fact the only way we can tackle the complexity involved in achieving high performance for complex applications on diverse hardware.

Biography: Paul Kelly leads the Software Performance Optimisation group at Imperial College London. His research focus is domain-specific program optimisation, leading to close engagement with colleagues in computational science, robotics and computer vision. This talk covers joint work with many such collaborators.

BREAK – 30 mins
Papers Session I: Synchronization and Data
View Slides Improving Speculative taskloop in Hardware Transactional Memory

Juan Salamanca and Alexandro Baldassin

Vectorized Barrier and Reduction in LLVM OpenMP Runtime

Muhammad Nufail Farooqi and Miquel Pericàs

BREAK – 30 mins
Papers Session II: Tasking Extensions I
View Slides Enhancing OpenMP Tasking Model: Performance and Portability

Chenle Yu, Sara Royuela and Eduardo Quiñones

View Slides OpenMP Taskloop Dependences

Marcos Maroñas, Xavier Teruel and Vicenç Beltran

Day 1 Concludes

Wednesday 15 September

Start Time Presentation
Papers Session III: Applications
Outcomes of OpenMP Hackathon: OpenMP Application Experiences with the Offloading Model

Swaroop Pophale, Barbara Chapman, Buu Pham, Charlene Yang, Christopher Daley, Colleen Bertoni, Dhruva Kulkarni, Dhruva Kulkarni, Dossay Oryspayev, Ed D’Azevedo, Helen He, Johannes Doerfert, Keren Zhou, Kiran Ravikumar, Mark Gordon, Mauro Del Ben, Meifeng Lin, Melisa Alkan, Michael Kruse, Oscar Hernandez, P. K. Yeung, Paul Lin, Peng Xu, Tosaporn Sattasathuchana, Vivek Kale, William Huhn and Dhruva Kulkarni

View Slides An empirical investigation of OpenMP based implementation of Simplex Algorithm

Arkaprabha Banerjee, Pratvi Shah, Shivani Nandani, Shantanu Tyagi, Sidharth Kumar and Bhaskar Chaudhury

View Slides Task inefficiency patterns for a wave equation solver

Holger Schulz, Gonzalo Brito Gadeschi, Oleksandr Rudyy and Tobias Weinzierl

BREAK – 30 mins
Papers Session IV: Case Studies
View Slides Comparing OpenMP Implementations With Applications Across A64FX Platforms

Benjamin Michalowicz, Eric Raut, Yan Kang, Tony Curtis, Dossay Oryspayev and Barbara Chapman Save

View Slides A Case Study of LLVM-Based Analysis for Optimizing SIMD Code Generation

Joseph Huber, Weile Wei, Giorgis Georgakoudis, Johannes Doerfert and Oscar Hernandez

Day 2 Concludes

Thursday 16 September

Start Time Presentation
Papers Session V: Heterogenous Computing & Memory
View Slides Experience Report: Writing A Portable GPU Runtime with OpenMP 5.1

Shilei Tian, Jon Chesterfield, Johannes Doerfert and Barbara Chapman

View Slides FOTV: A generic device offloading framework for OpenMP

Jose Luis Vázquez and Pablo Sanchez

View Slides Beyond Explicit Transfers: Shared and Managed Memory in OpenMP

Brandon Neth, Thomas Scogland, Alejando Duran, Michelle Mills Strout and Bronis R. de Supinski

BREAK – 30 mins
Papers Session VI: Tasking Extensions II
View Slides Communication-Aware Task Scheduling Strategy in Hybrid MPI+OpenMP Applications

Romain Pereira, Adrien Roussel, Patrick Carribault and Thierry Gautier

View Slides An OpenMP Free Agent threads implementation

Victor Lopez, Joel Criado, Raúl Peñacoba, Roger Ferrer, Xavier Teruel and Marta Garcia-Gasulla

IWOMP 2021 Concludes