Sponsorship: IWOMP and OpenMPcon


The International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP) and OpenMPCon are the premier conferences that spotlight new and original work in the community of OpenMP users and developers.

The week-long event begins with two days of OpenMPCon, followed by a day of Tutorials, and two days of IWOMP. OpenMP users, program developers and implementers often attend both events to network, exchange experiences, learn about new features and the direction of OpenMP.  OpenMP is the de facto standard for threaded parallel programming which also supports portable directives for vector execution and offloading to devices.

Why Sponsor IWOMP and OpenMPCon?

These back-to-back conferences attract a diverse group of attendees that use a wide variety of platforms and toolsets. Your sponsorship will promote your organization, and will also help keep OpenMP accessible to the widest possible audience.

Sponsorship Opportunities